If you have found your way to the Mekong Delta, you cannot afford to miss one of the floating markets or “Cho Noi”. These types of markets can be found in most areas of Mekong. Two of the most famous floating markets are Cai Rang and Phong Dien (in Can Tho City). They have existed for a long time in the region. At floating markets, people buy and sell products from one boat to another.


Since rivers are the main mode of travel in the Mekong, ferries and boats are very popular for transporting and trading goods. People gather together at different places on the river to sell fruits, often times picked from their own gardens. Afterwards, they purchase goods from the merchants at land markets.

A floating market usually starts at 4 or 5 in the morning and ends when the sun rises around 9 or 10am. Fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, dragon fruit, watermelon, yam, and cabbage are the dominant goods at these floating markets. You can also find garden tools, crafts and Vietnamese breakfasts like “Bun” or “Hu Tieu”.  It can be a challenge to manage chopsticks and a soup bowl while paddling along the river! Another noticeable feature of the floating market is “Cay Beo”. This is a small pole which is put in front of every boat. The pole is used to advertise what each boat is selling.

At Nguyen Shack we have departure every morning with 2 option to choose for your floating market tour.

Cai Rang Markets

5:30am to 8am – 220,000vnd/person

Departing everyday from 5:30am, this tour will bring you on the small river of the Mekong Delta to see the sun rising on your way to the the largest wholesale floating market in the Mekong Delta. After the floating market we continue with the Cai Rang land market to see locals in action for on of the biggest market in the area with a big variety of fruits and vegetable locally grown. Just before going back to the boat, you will also visit a shop producing rice noodle and coconut candy. You are invite to taste a few special local products en enjoy it on the way back to the Shack.

Floating Markets Expedition

5:00am to 11:30am – 550,000vnd/person

Everyday at 5am the the Mekong expedition start the tour in the darkness to arrive at the busiest moment of the Cai Rang floating market that happen daily very early. After a quick look at Cai Rang Floating Market we continue our way on the river until the smaller floating market of Phong Dien more quiet with smaller boat that give you more proximity with the traders. We stop on the riverside to enjoy a breakfast an overlooking the activities of this little market. On the way back from the Phong Dien floating market we stop to an organic cacao farm to learn more about the proceed of farming cacao tree and transforming to chocolate.

The Mekong Delta is much more than the floating market. That’s why we created few more tours going off the beaten path to have a glimpse of the real life that people living in the Delta. After doing all these tour you will start to understand how life is going in this part of Vietnam

Guided bike tour in the village

9:00am to 12:00pm – 180,000vnd/person

The best way to understand a country is to meet the local people in their daily life. That is the purpose of this tour. You will visit the homemade cement pottery to see how they make the most typical bonsai pot of Vietnam, the traditional doctor to learn more about the herbal medicine, the rice factory to see how to transform the rice, the pagoda of the village where we support the orphans living there, the homemade rice wine factory to taste the famous local liquor and learn how to make it and the primary school to understand how school works in Vietnam. This village bike tour is a very good way to go off the beaten track to discover the local life of Vietnamese people.

Afternoon Boat Tour 

4pm to 5h30pm – 110,000vnd/person

The boat will bring you in the countryside and ride on the small river to discover the natural landscape of the Mekong Delta. On the way you will see many water coconut trees and mangrove trees that helps to protect the banks of the rivers from erosion. You also see how the local people living next to the river. A couple years ago the people only can move by boat so everybody built their house on the river, now there are roads everywhere and people use motorbike to go around, but the river still is the centre of their life.

Local food trek

4:15pm to 9:30pm – 550,000vnd/person

This tour will start with a one-hour boat ride to Can Tho City to enjoy the big river of the Mekong Delta. When you arrive at the harbour in the middle of the city centre you will first visit a popular restaurant serving some yummy snakes and crocodiles, the second stop will be a street food restaurant serving some delicious frogs and rats on the menu. The third stop in a local restaurant serving succulent BBQ pork rolls to practice your skill of rolling food in a rice paper. Our tour guide will teach about Vietnamese food culture. The tour includes drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic). Vegetarian option available

Cooking class

Anytime, to confirm on previous day – 350,000vnd/person

A big aspect of the culture is the food, mainly in Vietnam food is at the center of the people life. This is why making attending a cooking class is a good way to understand Vietnamese culture.
Our skillful, friendly and enthusiastic staff will guide you through how to cook authentic and traditional dishes that we proudly serve in our restaurant. You can choose anything on the menu like: beef noodle soup, spring rolls, catfish with tamarind sauce. You will experience the joys of Vietnamese cooking, pick up tips and techniques to recreate your favorite dishes back home, learn the art of food decoration, then enjoy your delicious homemade lunch.

Free activities

During your stay with us you also can enjoy the following activities for free:

Biking by your own

Boating by your own


Fish pedicure

Hot cupping traditional massage

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