Eliminating poverty through education

IMG_4283Our programme at Nguyen Shack Can Tho aims to help abandoned children have an education and a better start in life. We pay school fees and paIMG_0709y for food for six young children living in the village pagoda. You can meet the children at the pagoda on the bicycle tour that we run every day.IMG_6281IMG_6296

These children were left by their parents at the pagoda. All the children were found in the pagoda yard at only one or two days old, early in the morning because the parents didn’t want to be known. It is not socially acceptable that unmarried women have children. This pressure from society makes young women want to abandon their babies because the shame it brings on them and their families, is too much. It is possible that the parents of these women would banish them from the family home because of the shame and it would also be very difficult for the young woman to marry in the future.

The pagoda is always open to everyone. Food and accommodation is offered to anyone that needs help. To give and to receive is at the heart of Buddhism – no matter how little or how much you have you share what you have and you receive what is offered. The pagoda only survives on donations of food and money from the local community. People from the community bring what they can to the pagoda – money, rice, corn, potatoes; but they also have very little so the pagoda often struggles to care for the children.

Nguyen Shack has a large garden and we often bring vegetables from the garden to the pagoda for the children. Many of our guests have donated money, school supplies and clothes.

At  Nguyen Shack Ninh Binh and Phong Nha we support the local government for building new school and we give money to the people in needs in the village. Some villagers cannot take care them self and the government helps is too small to have a decent life so we decide to double the government help to make sure they have enough for their life

We believe that a measured amount of carefully targeted help from us can make all the difference.IMG_6291

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