Bich Dong Pagoda

Bich Dong Pagoda

Visiting Bich Dong Pagoda is another favorite thing to do in Ninh Binh. Bich Dong Pagoda is a beautiful ancient temple built in the 15th century. Not a usual pagoda, Bich Dong consists of 3 separate layered pagodas which are Ha, Trung and Thuong Pagoda on different levels and you have to climb up the hillside to explore each of them.

Climbing up to each pagoda may be tiring but when you reach the top, the views are well worth it.

Not only known as a place with Vietnam’s architectural style, but Bich Dong Pagoda is also a place associated with many legends from ancient times.

Built on Truong Yen limestone mountain, this is a historical and cultural relic that has been classified as a special national monument and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Entrance fee

It is free for tourists who want to visit Bich Dong pagoda. Be careful because some people will try to make you pay for the ticket!
You only need to pay for your parking ticket. Maximum 15,000v VND

More Info

“Bich” in Bich Dong means very green. The ancients named it because the pagoda was surrounded by green trees and the scenery was really peaceful to healing your soul.

Bich Dong pagoda was built in 1428 under the reign of Le Thai To, considered the most famous beauty spot of Ninh Binh province. The small stone bridge across the lotus lake leads to a quiet, sacred pagoda space in the middle of a mountainous area with the same message.

Bich Dong Pagoda was formed in a three-story style with three pagodas built on the mountainside, called Ha Pagoda, Trung Pagoda and Thuong Pagoda. In 1740, King Le Canh Hung named the pagoda “Bach Ngoc Thach Son Dong”, meaning a beautiful stone pagoda like jade in the same place. General Nguyen Nghiem, born of great poet Nguyen Du, named in 1773 “.

After the Buddha ceremony at Bich Dong Pagoda, visitors stepped up 21 stone steps to the Dark Cave. In Dark Cave, there are natural stone stalactites forming the fairy, fairy, bronze, dragon gliding, turtle swimming, elephant flanking and worshiping.

To get to Thuong pagoda, visitors must step up to nearly 40 stone steps along the mountain side. This temple is located at the highest position, near the peak of Bich Dong Mountain, a place of worship of Quan Am. Thuong Pagoda is the most ideal place to see the scenery around Bich Dong.

In the distance, alternating between the mountains are small branches of soft winding, creating a picture of charming marine life.