Hang Mua – Dancing Cave

Hang Mua has one of the best views in Vietnam and is located only 500 meters from Nguyen Shack. It is a tranquil valley surrounded by rice fields and a hamlet. The cave is about 800 square meters large, and is arranged in the shape of a bell. Hang Mua is modeled after the famous Van Ly Truong Thanh – The Great Wall of China. After climbing up 476 stone steps, tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of the impressive scenery of Tam Coc – “The Terrestrial Halong Bay” that appera from the other side of the mountain. At the end is also an altar of Quan Am (the Goddess of Mercy) a Phoenix and a big dragon laying at the summit. The photogenic and impressive view of Mua Cave will be an unforgettable memory for anyone who seeks natural beauty. The view here is simply heaven. At the dawn, the pagodas at the peak of Mua Cave and the stone-carved dragons and phoenixes will be lighted up by the reddish sunset. Breathing in the chilly and fresh air, gazing at the endless rice paddy field and green mountains will surely calm your mind.

After that, to explore Mua Cave, you just need to follow the path leading to the foot of the mountain. If you want to see the cave, take the left side of the path or you can climb the 476-step staircase to the top of the mountain.

The stepping stones are steep up and the hike up to the peak can take around 20 minutes to 30 minutes depending on your strength. You should not overdo it yourself by climbing 476 steps at once, you can take a break during the hike.

In the middle of the stairs, there are two paths: the right one leading to one of the pagodas and the left one leading to the stone statue of Quan Am (The Goddess of Mercy) and stone dragon. Both of them are quite the sight, so it is recommended that you go and see both.

Please remember to bring water and wearing hats with you when climbing the staircase. Mua Cave’s staircase is quite high and the stepping stones can be tricky. So the tourists should wear simple, comfortable, suitable clothes and shoes.

Mua Cave Entrance Fee and Opening Hours 

Mua Cave is open every day and every hour with the entrance fee of 100.000VND/person (approximately US $5). You can buy the ticket at the ticket booth next to the parking space at the entrance. Besides, the parking ticket is 10.000VND per one (US $0.5) so you are better to go there by walk as we are only 300 meters from the entrance.