Thung Nham Ecotourism Zone

Thung Nham Ecotourism Zone

If you come to Ninh Binh province, you may want to visit a small but beautiful landscape with tons of attractions, called Thung Nham Bird Park. This is definitely where you can find relaxing in sightseeing a real beauty of wild nature and having interesting experiences about the lifestyle of the local.

Entrance fee

The ticket price is 100.000 VND per visitor. Free ticket for children below 0.8 meters and 50% ticket price for children from 0.8 – 1.3 meters.

Thung Nham boat tour ticket is 20.000 VND per visitor and But Cave ticket price is 20.000 VND per visitor.

Guide Map and What To Do in Thung Nham Ninh Binh?

Thung Nham Bird Garden Ninh Binh - Entrance Fee, Guide Map and More

Detailed guide map for tourists

Thung Nham Bird Garden

Bird garden is the habitat of many kinds of creatures such as cauldron, stork, teal, stinging fire, stone flute and precious birds in the book is Hang Hac, Phuong Hoang … Visitors will be satisfied with the screen Leaping in the air of precious birds.

Self-sufficient, cheap Thung Nham tourist experience said Thung Chim is a place where more than 50.000 birds and 40 species of birds gather. The most crowded birds at sunset, each flock to the shady group shows up a wild beauty, a rare and interesting place.

What is special at Thung Nham Bird Garden is that there are two rare bird species recorded in the Red Book of Hong Hac and Phuong Hoang, one of the mascots in the Long-Ly-Quy-Phuong quartet.

The most crowded birds at sunset, each flock to the shady group shows up a wild beauty, a rare and interesting place

(video: serenathvn)

Besides, you will also be able to see the majestic mountain scenery with huge mountain ranges in succession with each other, the river connecting with seemingly endless. You can also choose to take a boat to enjoy the peaceful and peaceful atmosphere here as well as listen to historical or cultural stories through the boatman himself.

I believe this will be an interesting experience because I believe that no one understands tradition or culture with the people born there, and the story through their perspective is also very interesting.

But Cave

This is the most interesting place of Thung Nham bird garden, with a limestone cave system of 500 meters long, 30 meters high cave arch. In the cave, there is no lighting system, so visitors will experience the feeling of the shining flashlight with stalactites, in the cave, there is a figure of Mr. Bo sitting next to the underground river to bring fullness and peace.

With the full experience of Thung Nham bird garden, you should visit the cave to admire the beauty of the Valley.

Thung Nham Bird Garden Ninh Binh - Entrance Fee, Guide Map and More

Inside the But Cave

Vai Gioi Cave

A special feature of Vai Gioi Cave in the cave lies high above, so the air is extremely cool, and fresh. The feeling of standing high above watching the immense scenery underneath is indeed worth it.

Taking a boat trip inside Vai Gioi Cave is a memorable experience

However, what any visitor to Vai Gioi Cave is attracted is that the historical story is also the reason why the cave is called Vai Gioi. Legend has it that in the past, this was a place for people to perform sacrifices related to sacrifices such as setting the altar to pray for rain, praying for a good harvest,… So the name of the Role Born, Vai means praying and Gioi means God.

Ba Co Cave

Legend has it that in the past when King Dinh Tien Hoang was poisoned, all the Divine Medicine wholeheartedly cured but could not find any remedy that could be immediately notified to the entire hundred people, who could find the antidote to detox Saving the King will be rewarded.

At this time, in the capital of Hoa Lu, there were three sisters in their dream to see a cave in Thung Nham with precious water that can detoxify the King. Immediately after waking up, the three girls went to the cave to get the King’s rescued water, but unfortunately, when it came to this cave, the three girls were caught by the tiger.

To commemorate the three girls, the people here built a grave and named it Ba Co cave to honor