Tam Coc Boat Tour

Tam Coc Boat Tour

Tam Coc became popular after Indochine movie won the Oscar in 1993, and word spread that some scenes were shot in Tam Coc. Framed by lush green rice fields and limestone karsts, the area is a stunning, yet peaceful.

This 2-hour boat ride which runs through Ngo Dong river will take you through caves, rice fields, and unique karst rocks. You will feel like you’re in a movie scene cruising down a natural kingdom like this.

The single most fascinating thing about the boats in Tam Coc is the women that row the wooden paddles. They use their feet to ride the boats. This is a special technique that takes months to master.

Tam Coc means “three caves” including Ca cave, Hai cave and Ba cave. All of Tam Coc caves are created by Ngo Dong river through mountains.

  • Ca Cave: This is the largest cave in Tam Coc caves Vietnam with the depth of more than 20 meters and the length of 127 meters.
  • Hai Cave: It is a small cave with the half-length of Ca Cave- about 60 kilometers. It is about 1 kilometer from Ca Cave from the basin of Ngo Dong river.
  • Ba Cave: This is the smallest cave with about 50 meters long, however, it is considered the most beautiful cave in Tam Coc caves. In this cave, you can enjoy the mysterious beauty like a rocky arch which the Mother of Nature carefully carves with the sophisticated features to create a unique and wonderful charm for Ba cave.

Entrance fees:

The price of the trip is divided into 2 types: Visit ticket and boat trip price. The visit ticket is 120.000 VND/ticket and the boat trip ticket is 150.000VND/time/trip (1 to 4 visitors/boat). The time to observe the whole beauty of Tam Coc is nearly three hours.

Local Tips When Visiting Tam Coc

Travelling by boat is the only way to visit Tam Coc. If you travel by land, you solely wander around the outside of Tam Coc Ninh Binh.

On the journey of visiting Tam Coc, you can negotiate with the boatman in case you want to stop somewhere to capture photos or climb to the higher positions for finding the beautiful and whole corner images. With experience and proficiency of the place, these boatmen can stop the boat and find a favorable position to help you climb to the mountain wall. If you stand up without the permission, it does not only cause risks for yourself but other visitors on the boat. Expect to be request for big tip if you ask to stop on the way. Even without stopping the boat driver use to ask for a tip at the end, the insist, but it’s up to you and how you feel about the service they gave you.