Thien Ha – Galaxy Grotto

Thien Ha – Galaxy Grotto

Being recently discovered in 2007 due to its small size gateaway & its hidden location by rained forest on Tuong mountain, Thien Ha (Galaxy) cave is beautifully untouched with natural formations of stalagmites & stalactites in shimmering colors – giving you the feeling of being lost in a real paradise on earth.

The cave’s length is 700 metters including the sparkling dry cave of 200 metters long and the misterious water cave of 500 metters long.To explore the great beauty of this grotto, you need to take a flashlight ( supplied by the boat rowers) along.

Firstly,walk along the dry cave to contemplate naturally pristine stalactites of different forms hanging down from the ceiling such as the sea shells, pumkin, monkey or whatever they may appear to your imagination, then you see the open hole to the sky ( to locals, it is like a well of heaven – reflecting the sunlight to the cave)- that could be the reason for the first part of the cave’s name : Thien ( Heaven or Sky).

Then, continue with water cave on Galaxy river – the possible reason for the cave’s full name ( Thien Ha). Riding a rowing boat gliding along the hidden river – the part of water cave giving you a great sense of this cave’s picturesque paradise –it is so tranquil that you can hear the sounds of the water drops to the water surface,slow movement of the paddles and thousands of bats flying around.This water cave is still active and endowed with endless layers & layers of sparkling stalactites in fanciful colors, it is like you are lost in the Fairy world and enjoyed the paradise scenery with Peach Forest, the islands of Fairy, Mother Milk Breast… your imagination of stalactite shapes

Two optional boat routes  to reach Thien Ha ( Galaxy) cave

To visit Thien Ha cave, when reaching Son Ha commune, you will take a scenic rowing boat ride along Ben Dang river viewing Tuong mountain & rice fileds, then continue walking on the stone road (500m) near the foot of the Tuong Mountain to get to the gate of Thien Ha grotto which is lying hidden in Tuong mountain – a part of Trang An- Bai Dinh mountain range.

Mountain range in Thien Ha cave

There are two boat ride routes you can choose for your exploration of Galaxy cave and wonderful view of the region.

Route 01: Nha Le pier with boat rowing along Tuong Mountain, then stop for a nice walk to visit Thien Thanh cave, Thien Ha cave & then rowing to contemplate hidden Buddha cave – back to Nha Le pier.

The entrance & boat ride fee is 120,000 vnd/person and one boat with 4 paxs ( foreigners) & 6 paxs ( for Vietnamese).This route is in 1,5 hour journey ( mainly view the cave & less view of mountain ranges compared to the Route 02.

Route 02: Nha Le pier with boat rowing along Tuong Mountain, stop for a nice walk to visit Thien Thanh cave, Thien Ha cave & then rowing through hidden Buddha cave to reach Thung Nham bird sunctuary- Ghe cave- Chua cave and drop at Linh Coc Hai Nham pier nearby Tam Coc Garden Resort. 

The entrance & boat ride fee is 200,000 vnd/ pax/one way (dropping at Hai Nham pier, not coming back to Nha Le pier).

This route is the landscape connection – similar to both Tam Coc and Trang An and it is a 2,5 hour journey. Besides the caves of the route 01, this rowing boat ride is extended to Thung Nham bird sunctuary, more mountain scenery & two more caves you will have chances to visit. For coming back route to Nha Le pier, it will take you more time and double price they will charge ( we should ask in advance when buying tickets). If you want to start one point and be pick up at the other point we will arrange it for you.

Nha Le Pier for the boat ride

Nha Le pier for the boat ride