Our little story

Nguyen Shack Phong Nha Eco Resort is a little complex of Nature Home off the beaten path. Our bungalows and tiny houses are entirely built from local wood. The resort is rustically designed, taking its inspiration from mother nature. We believe that simple is beautiful. Our bungalows sit right on the lake, with our tiny houses located above. The onsite restaurant has a beautiful view of the lake and a second floor terrace to enjoy the scenery. Anytime you feel hot you can  take a dip in our boat shaped swimming pool to cool off on hot days, located right next to our restaurant. Our resort is the perfect place to relax after a day of cave exploring in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Here you will leave all the tension and stress of the city and breed the freshness of the surrounding nature.  When you stay at the Nguyen Shack Phong Nha you empower the community and stimulate the local economy. Most of the local people from this area were lumberjacks and hunters. An increase in the tourism industry has provided jobs to locals and helped to preserve the natural elements of the park. All of our wooden houses have been built with locally preserved wood and the roof panels have been made of recycled material. Nguyễn Shack focuses on promoting environmental awareness during your stay. We have carefully researched and installed the best Eco-friendly and sustainable products. If you like the concept you’ll be interested in our other Nguyễn Shack in Ninh Binh, Can Tho and Saigon.

Reasons to choose us

1. Eco friendly
At Nguyen Shack we try to be as much eco-friendly as possible with choosing natural material that will not damage the environment. The guesthouse is built from natural materials to make the guests feel closer to nature. Nguyen Shack focuses on promoting environmental awareness by using natural materials. It is our hope that we can inspire our guests to make small lifestyle changes to help the environment. We have carefully researched and installed Eco-friendly and sustainable products.
2. Best location
The bungalows are situated at around a small lake at the end of Cu Lac village. Only 2 km from the little touristic town of Son Trach and 10km from the entrance of Phong Nha Khe Bang National Park. You can easily organize excursion to explore some of the most beautiful caves of the world near by the Shack.
3. Family run
When you visit us you always feel welcome like at home. Since the beginning we want to keep the homestay mentality and give a personal service to our guest. Throughout the time, Nguyen Shack became a little network of Nature Home off the beaten track all around Vietnam, but we kept our standard the same and our team will welcome you with a great sense of hospitality.
4. Sustainable tourism
When you come to Nguyen Shack, you empower the community and stimulate the local economy. A part of the funds from your stay go help local people in difficulty. We support many family having a member affect by Agent Orange, a powerful chemical weapon used by the American during the war. We also support some orphans and 2 of them live at the Shack in Phong Nha to give them a better chance in the life. We also built a new road for the village we give and fair-paying jobs for locals in the area. Every morning our cook go to buy the foods from the local farmer in the nearby market.
5. Title