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Directions to reach Nguyen Shack - Phong Nha

There are 4 ways to reach us.

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By plane

The best way to get to Phong Nha is to fly. It is easy and if you book in advance it can be very cheap.

Vietnam Airlines flies to Dong Hoi (VDH) from Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) and Hanoi (HAN).

Jetstar and Vietjet fly from Ho Chi Minh City (SGN).

Airlines don’t fly these routes everyday, so you should check the flight schedules when planning your itinerary. You can visit the airline websites to book your ticket. It is much cheaper than booking through an agency.

Once you arrive in Dong Hoi we can arrange a transfer to Phong Nha for 500,000 VND. Please let us know in advance about your arrival time and flight number.

By train

Please visit the baolau website for the current train schedule and to book your train ticket online. Be sure to book the train to DONG HOI and not Dong Ha. We can arrange a transfer to pick you up when you arrive at the train station. It will take about 45 minutes at the cost of 500,000 VND. We always try to put multiple guests in the same car to help you save money. Let us know your arrival time by email or by phone and we will arrange it for you.

If you want to save money you can also take the local bus, which will take about 1 1/2 to 3 hours to arrive to Phong Nha. The bus station is about 1.3 km from the train station. The local bus leaves from outside the bus station approximately every hour or 90 minutes, with departures starting at 6 AM and ending at 5 PM.  It costs about $3 USD and takes about 90 minutes to get to Nguyễn Shack.

By Bus

From Hue
Option 1 –  Hung Thanh bus departs from 49 Chu Van An at 16:30 and arrives at Nguyen Shack at around 21:30. It costs about 140,000vnd/person. This will drop you off 50 meters from the Shack.

Option 2-  The Tan Nhat bus departs from the Why Not? Bar in Hue at 06:30/07:00 and will drop you off in Phong Nha at around noon. It costs about 200,000vnd/person.

Option 3 – DMZ Bus Leaves DMZ Bar at 14:00 and arrives in Phong Nha at 18:30. Please buy tickets from DMZ Bar on the corner of Le Loi Street & Pham Ngu Lao Street. Tickets are 150,000 per person. 

Option 4 – You can catch the bus from the North Bus Station in Hue at 10:30am. Go to the station and find the Blue & White 24 seat Bus with “Phuc Vu” written on it (plate number 73L9790). Pay the driver about 120,000VND and tell him “Phong Nha”. This is a local bus. It’s cheap and fast, but not an easy option and can have some engine problems. It normally takes about 4 hours.

Overall the train is more comfortable and reliable, but more expensive as you need to get from Dong Hoi train station to Phong Nha. The bus will drop you off in Phong Nha next to Nguyen Shack.

Schedules can change at anytime. Please confirm departure times with the departure location. 

Sleeper Bus from Hanoi or Ninh Binh

The cheapest and most convenient way of getting from Hanoi/Ninh Binh to Phong Nha is by sleeper bus. If you plan to sleep in Nguyen Shack – Ninh Binh we will help to book the sleeping bus for you. If you book your ticket in Hanoi, there are many companies that offer sleeping bus services. Make sure the company you choose has a stop in Phong Nha. A good choice is to purchase an Open Tour Ticket from Hung Thanh bus. You can book this bus from the Hung Thanh office at 162B Tran Quang Khai or at Flipside Hostel at 23 Bat Dan Street. The Hung Thanh bus leaves their office at 18:00 and drops you off in Phong Nha in the early morning (all the sleeping buses arrive between 4am and 5:30am). We are only 50 meters from where the bus drops you off. Please note that it is possible to join any tour to discover the area when you arrive on this bus in the morning.

Bus from Da Nang/ Hoi An

Option 1 – Bus from Hoi An

Depart Hoi An at 08:00 on any open bus ticket option available to Hue. We suggest Hanh Cafe, which is in partnership with Hung Thanh Travel. Their office is on Thai Phien Street near Hoi An Post Office. You will arrive in Hue at 12:00. In Hue, go to DMZ Bar on the corner of Le Loi Street & Pham Ngu Lao Street to buy your ticket to Phong Nha. The cost is 150,000 VND/person. The DMZ Bus Leaves DMZ Bar at 2pm and arrives in Phong Nha at 6:30pm. You can store your bags for free at DMZ Bar while you have lunch or explore the citadel. This option enables you to explore Hue for a little bit. 

Option 2 – Local bus from Da Nang.

The local bus departs from the Da Nang Bus Station in Da Nang at 1pm. Go to the station and find the bus with “Da Nang – Phong Nha” written across the front of it. (plate number: 73L9018). Pay the driver about 250,000VND. This is a local bus and we have no control over it. It is cheap and fast when it leaves on time and doesn’t break down. There is also a 29 seat bus with the same company called Bao Vuong (plate number :73B-00194) Normally it takes 7 hours.

Please note that the bus schedules change without notice so please confirm the information above before you travel

By motorbike

We are about 45km from Dong Hoi and 195km from Vinh along the Ho Chi Minh Road. When you arrive by Ho Chi Minh Road, take the turnoff under the large sign for the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park and you will see Nguyen Shack on the left, about 1km from the turnoff.