• Boat shape swimming pool

    Boat shape swimming pool

  • Swimming pool by the lake

    Swimming pool by the lake

  • Book on our website to get discount

    Book on our website to get discount

  • Our tiny houses

    Our tiny houses



  • Restaurant view

    Restaurant view

  • Bird view of our land

    Bird view of our land

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Other Nguyen Shacks in Vietnam

Can Tho - Ninh Binh - Saigon

For more unique and exciting experiences in Vietnam, take a look to our other Nguyen Shacks. We have bamboo bungalows in Mekong Delta situated on a small river near Cai Rang floating market. Our shack in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is located in a small little alley right in the middle of downtown next to the main attractions. Another Shack is in Ninh Binh, where you can sleep surrounded by karst mountains on a private lake. Our qualified staff will welcome you with open arms and help you explore, and make the most of your time in Vietnam.


What to do?

Explore the Phong Nha National Park

Is plenty of activities to do in the Phong Nha National Park. The most impressive tours are the one visiting some of the most beautiful caves on the world. Take a look to the available option and ask your question. We will be happy to assist you to make sure you choose the best tour for you.



Our contribution

At Nguyen Shack, we focus our charitable efforts on education. In Can Tho, we help abandoned children recieve an education and a head start in life. We pay school fees and provide food for six young children living in the village pagoda. We also help the traditional doctors of the village that give free or cheap medicine to people in need. In Phong Nha and Ninh Binh, we help the elderly and the disabled experiencing poverty, without the means to take care of themselves. We believe that a measured amount of carefully targeted aid from us can make lasting change in the area.