The Fairy Cave

The majestic cave known as Hang Tien, or “Fairy Cave”, has previously only been viewable on the Tu Lan Expedition. It is now showcased as the star of 1 day tour.

As the largest cave in Tu Lan cave system, Hang Tien is famed for its enormous size and spectacular formations. Our guide will bring you into depths of Vietnamese jungle where the lost world of ancient rock configurations can be found dripping from the ceilings. This is truly a unique chance to enjoy the real wilderness of this country.

This tour is designed for those with just a day to explore the wild but still looking for an escape to the jungle along with adventure and of course, a beautiful cave.

Enter into Hang Tien where you’ll be taken away by the swirling patterns of limestone and rock. Rimstone pools, known as gours, also greet you at the entrance. You’ll explore different passages of this river cave and be in awe of its massive ceiling and formations.

Please make sure that your health is suitable for these activities with ease:

  • 8 km jungle and mountain trekking, rocky terrain
  • 4 km caving
  • Requirements:
    • Basic trekking experience

Tour includes:

  • All food, water and camping equipment
  • All entrance fees, transport, guide and porters
  • All caving equipment and safety gear

Duration: 7am to 7h30pm

Price : 2,000,000 VND / person