Yoga class

Yoga class

New offer at Nguyen Shack Phong Nha

Nguyen Shack Phong Nha Eco Resort is the perfect place to organise peaceful yoga session with the nice lake view and tranquillity of the countryside. From February 27th we will welcome Anastasia, a nomad yoga teacher from England. She was teaching in India and Australia and now she come to teach in Vietnam to share her love for yoga with other travellers. She will stay with us for 3 months and we will have Yoga Lesson almost daily. Come to practice and learn yoga with her and connect with the surrounding nature.




Come and breath through Yoga, dive within, and transform for a 60min class.

Different classes options:

  • Vinyasa Flow - Flow with the breath through a set of dynamic postures developing strength, stamina, and flexibility. Mostly suitable for advanced beginners and up.
  • Hatha - A traditional style of yoga focusing on mindful movements synchronized with the breath to develop body awareness, balance, and mastery. Suitable for all levels.
  • Yin - A slow and gentle class that focuses on developing flexibility and releasing tension by holding the postures for longer periods of time. Suitable for all levels.
  • Meditation/Relaxation - A guided class that utilizes breath work, meditation, visualization, and relaxation techniques to develop mindfulness, reduce stress, and improve emotional intelligence. Suitable for all levels.

What to bring: 

  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can stretch in.
  • The stomach should be empty before the session, so food consumption should avoid for three or four hours before the session.
  • Most importantly be YOU.

Pricing & Promotion

Class Pricing

Single Entry :
200.000 VND
3 Day – Unlimited Classes:
500.000 VND
1 Week – Unlimited Classes:
700.000 VND
Special monthly price for Phong Nha resident
Ask us for more infos!

Enjoy 30% discount on the regular price if you stay with us in Nguyen Shack Phong Nha

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A word from your teacher Anastasia

"My life’s mission is to bridge the gap between
science and spirituality in order to provide a
holistic (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual)
yet grounded guidance as a yoga teacher and life coach"